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Visual journaling is a therapeutic and creative process that combines art and writing to express personal stories, thoughts, feelings, ideas, problems, and to grow skills as an artist.  

The process is more important than the final product.  It gives people the time to be mindful, and to release feelings and memories,  problem solve, set goals, and also, to celebrate successes.

A visual journal is a safe place to express oneself and to experiment with a variety of media, such as watercolour paint, inks, markers, collage papers, photographs, ephemera, stencils and mark making tools commonly found around the house. 

Since the pressure of making beautiful art to hang up on the wall for others to see is eliminated, the creator is freed to make mistakes and to take risks and to simply enjoy the playful process.

Both Sides Now: Music and childhood memories inspired this creative reflection.

Art is better in the country and creating at Reflections Art Studio and Community! It is not just about the art, it is about developing relationships, connecting with nature and animals, learning about oneself, telling stories, discovering the joy of creating, thus, creating memories that the heart holds forever! It is about creating unique art that is a Reflection of you and no one else.

Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom is wheelchair accessible with a ramp leading to the front doors, wide sliding glass doors, and a wheelchair accessible washroom.

Kittens are always a big hit.

When clients come to me, we not only do art and self-reflection, we visit the animals on my acreage and often explore the acreage for inspiration.  We may create both inside my beautiful studio or outside with nature.

Horses are very calming and are enjoyed by all ages.
Our horses are curious about what you are creating.

About Renee Dowling

Artist, Solopreneur, Teacher

About ten years ago, I decided it was time to do something for myself.  I took art classes and bought art books, and decided it was time to return to art, that one thing that had always given me joy!

I picked up a permanent marker, and some paper, and began to doodle and draw.  Then I picked up a paintbrush and painted my way back into art.  I began to use all types of media and my creative life returned!

I taught elementary school students for over 26 years and was the first teacher in Medicine Hat to create and participate in a weeklong Community Classroom at Police Point Park.

 My students and I used visual journaling as a learning and thinking tool, for learning new art techniques, reflecting on events and for recording observations using our five senses.  We used the journals for reflecting on our thoughts and feelings and new ideas. 

It became evident to me how valuable visual journaling was not only for the school setting, but also for me professionally and personally. It has helped me to not only develop my art skills, but has also assisted me in dealing with grief, and dissatisfaction, as well as has helping me to develop a practice of gratitude, problem solving, setting goals and intentions, and memory keeping.

Knowing how valuable visual journaling is for mental health, for developing creativity and providing fun, I developed my homebased business to help others to… Be Creative. Be Happy. Be Healthy!


Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom is in its third year of operation.

Renee Dowling, Artist, Solopreneur, Teacher, Owner of Reflections Art Studio and Community Classroom
Testimonial "Oh, how lucky am I?! I spent an amazing day at Renee Dowling’s beautiful art studio having some time to just create art for me! Her studio is such a wonderful place to feel calm and inspired. It's so peaceful. The music was lovely too. We even had a visit to the barn to see the brand new kittens and her horses. Anybody looking for a beautiful uplifting day of art journaling and great conversation will love this experience! I promise! I could have stayed right into the evening. I am already looking forward to another play date with Renee! Thank you so much, Renee!
Michelle Ann
Client, Artist


Visual Journaling Art Retreats

For all ages and abilities
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  • full day (seven hours)
  • evening (three hours)
  • weekend (full or half days)
  •  Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teens
  • Children’s Day Camps
  • PD Days for Children
  • Date Night
  • Family 
  • Teacher Development
  • Staff Development
  • Birthday Parties and other special occasions
  • Field Trips
  • School Visits


Series of Visual Journaling Lessons

  • One Hour/week
  • One and a Half Hours/week
  • Two Hours/week
  • Two and a Half Hours/week
  • Three Hours/ Week
  • Six Weeks
  • Eight Weeks
"Thank you for the perfect atmosphere to learn and create."
Client, Artist

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